Keeping Kids Active During the Holidays

Routine often goes out the window during the holidays – school is done, sleeping in, movies, play dates, shopping and best of all no homework.  The lead up to Christmas can often focus on food and treats…candy canes, santa lollies, Christmas chocolates and ice cream.  So it is really important to make sure our kids are combatting this increase in calories with a bigger than normal expenditure of energy.  Sometimes they may need a little encouragement to ditch their screens and computer games.  Try and encourage the kind of exercise that is disguised as fun – backyard cricket games, swimming, surfing, skate boarding, dancing, handball, footie, skipping, bike riding, walking the dog and cartwheeling – it all adds up to sweating and laughing, which means a BIG kick of endorphins and lots of energy used.  Also,  make sure you set the right example. If you expect your children to be active, you’ll need to be active, too…one in all in.


Byron Bay Lighthouse Run 2015

Another fantastic Brookfarm Byron Lighthouse Run again this year with a big team of runners and walkers.  Running and walking side by side with your friends is a fantastic way to stay motivated and moving…it’s not always about the time or the calories burned, but about the conversations and the experiences along the way.  Thank you to our sponsors, Elders Lennox Head and Southern Cross LADS…we loved our red singlets.  A challenging 10km fun run in our coastal back yard, who wouldn’t want to do it.  In 2015, major sponsor Brookfarm all proceeds went to NSW Health Northern NSW and Rafiki Maweki.  If you want to get started with your running, join me every Friday 5:45am in front of the Lennox Head Catholic Church – we mix between intervals, sprints, distance and incline work…come try it.